Images of Arab capitals on fire due to civil uprising against the regimes created a strong resonance of the words of a senior police officer in my mind today:

“Naxalites are the biggest threat to Indian democracy since independence.”

Entire human history has been witness to this fact that no armed force could stop rightful demands of people for long. And the challenge for every nation state is that it should not be caught on the wrong side of people’s aspiration.

If the government of the day is anti-people, the vacuum is filled by the opposition in every democratic system. But the real threat emerges when people find the system as antithesis. This lack of belief in the system inspires revolutionary forces. And the floating elements like Naxalites tap and use these forces not necessarily in people’s favour, who they claim to represent.

With the hope that people always find system of this country on their side, I am going to bed.

Good night.