Delhi Development Authoriy (DDA) demolished a mosque in Jangpura recently a question crossed my mind. Are we finally a matured democracy? Are we a mature democracy? India as a nation has come a long way since independence. It has seen a lot of ups and downs. The fabric of democracy is strained the most when any thought of violent solution gets followers.  Ayodhya issue always tested the firmness of the foundation of this country. Often debate around this issue turned from blood curdling to blood spilling.

This year saw a historic judgement on Babri Masjid demolition case. The Indian judiciary gave a verdict which avoided extremes, an amicable solution that was wished by moderates of both communities. What followed was a fierce debate on all public platforms. Both parties said, as always, they respect constitution and judicial system of the country. As a democratic nation we tend to discuss almost all issues, but often solution of sensitive issues such as this are sought on streets. We have seen public debates turning acrimonious from parliament to TV studios and at times bloody. Every such transformation deals a blow to the foundation of democracy. The debate around Ayodhya verdict showed unprecedented maturity – everyone could hear passionate arguments for and against it – as no solution was sought on streets.

Long live Indian democracy!

I, Suhaib Ilyasi welcome your comments on the above.