In this season of leaks, scams are raining. The biggest seepage happened in the US diplomatic cables. The man responsible for this leak is the owner of Wikileaks: Julian Assange.

Accused of rape in Sweden, nabbed in the UK, Julian could soon be extradited to the US. Swedish govt invoked a seldom used law to create a trap for him. The country of Magna Carta, Britain pushed him behind the bars. Thanks to the common men in the United Kingdom, Assange walked free – not fully though, also no one knows till what time. The US wants him to be extradited for espionage.

‘America’s Most Wanted’, Assange, who believes in freedom of information and transparency is not getting any award, as what leaked is US diplomatic Cables not Chinese, Iranian or Russian. He exposed how the US military uses technology to unleash terror when one of his videos showed how Reuters reporter was killed in Iraq post US invasion.

In this case he has taken the lid off the democratic aristocratic world of diplomats of free world. They failed miserably in guarding their secrets and are now looking for reasons and ways to punish a hero.

What do you think? Is Julian a criminal or a hero?
As for me, Assange you are a hero! Suhaib Ilyasi stands with you for truth for liberty…for humanity.