As the country continues to fight corruption and somehow keeps the momentum of growth going, some public and private entities are working hard to restore the faith of aam aadmi in the system. Despite the red tape and bribery pulling them down, some have managed not only to stay up but perform and shine in due course.

Gandhian Anna Hazare today called off his hunger strike bringing to an end his 98 hour protest after government issued a gazette notification constituting a 10-member Joint Committee of ministers and civil society activists, including him, to draft an effective Lok Pal Bill.

Curtains were drawn on the anti-corruption campaign that drew instant nationwide support with a little girl giving the 73-year-old activist a glass of water at 10.45 am at Jantar Mantar, the nerve-centre of the agitation for a strong legislation to combat political and administrative graft.

Earlier, Hazare offered water to some women, among the over 300 activists who had joined the fast. Social activists Swami Agnivesh, Medha Patkar and Kiran Bedi hailed Hazare’s campaign as the Gandhian said he would to continue the fight for the “second struggle for independence”.

It is heartening to know that plans for reforming the Public Sector enterprises are on the way which may change the way appointments, reshuffles and tenures are decided in PSEs. For the first time Independent Directors on board of a Public Sector Unit would be made accountable for his work. This is a welcome initiative and hoping it gets on track soon.

Also, it is heartening to see police officers doing their jobs with steadfast earnestness without wasting time, which often leads to erosion of faith in the Police Department. HGS Dhaliwal, DCP, South Delhi, is one such officer who managed to solve the Radhika Tanwar daylight shooting case within a week itself. Already the capital has earned itself the title of most unsafe city for women this would do a bit to restore some faith.

Thankfully we have seasoned officers at the helm of affairs to look after and revive sick PSEs and bring them on track. Nitish Sengupta, Chairman, BRPSE, has earned the nickname as the doctor who can cure any and every sick PSU deserves it every bit. Wishing he could do something to wipe out corruption too from the system.

Same is the case of the Steel Authority of India and its Chairman and Managing Director, CS Verma, who are on the verge of global glory as they reach out to foreign shores and acquire companies abroad. With five iconic steel plants, the company is now looking forward to markets abroad and acquiring assets there. The SAIL Vision 2020 document mentions that the company plans to forge ahead with new plans to expand capacity, modernize and become a global player in steel. All the best to the team as this would be a matter of pride if SAIL manages to attain what it has planned. Already it is the sole supplier of railway tracks in the country, hoping it manages to become a major player at the international level.