Are we as a nation becoming obsessed with negativism and in the process damaging our own national interests in the eyes of the world? The manner in which some television news channels have been presenting news gives an impression that we are heading towards becoming a banana republic. The reality is far from this.
Corruption, of course, is the biggest threat to India’s growth and future. The media has played a stellar role over the past two years in highlighting massive corruption in certain areas such as telecom, Commonwealth Games and the mining scam in Karnataka. But in the excitement of it all, we the media must accept that it has gone overboard.
The silver lining amid the pervading pessimism being spread by a section of the media is that our democracy has emerged even stronger. Which other Government in the past has let CBI arrest a former Cabinet Minister (A Raja), a former Secretary to the Government of India (S Behura) and a ruling party MP who till recently was a powerful politician (Suresh Kalmadi). Two Chief Ministers from the Congress and the BJP were removed swiftly by their party leadership as soon as their names got involved in allegations of corruption. The Right to Information Act has introduced a never-before-seen transparency in our Government’s functioning. The Lokpal Bill will be another feather in the cap of our vibrant democracy.
There is no doubt that political morality has fallen to great depths over the last many years. The expansion of the economy has led to corruption at much bigger scale than ever before. But there are still enough good examples set by powerful people from the political class from which others can learn. Bureaucracy Today’s Cover Story is inspired from one such instance which our Consulting Editor, Veeshal Bakshi, came across on his flight from London to Delhi recently. On board the same flight were Robert and Priyanka Vadra who made sure that their two kids travelling with them did so just like ordinary people do, in the Economy Class. This is to be appreciated as they are no ordinary people. Hope our bureaucrats and politicians, who leave no stone unturned to upgrade themselves or their families to Business Class and get VIP facilities from airlines learn from the example set by the members of India’s most powerful political family.