For the last couple of decades Indian media was obssessed with corporate success stories. And we were embracing the post liberalization changes with fervour. This year came as rude shock to the nation – the honeymoon ended. The real journalism doesn’t happen with corporate communication teams but with out them.

A number of expert commentators on corporate lobbying were not even aware of this term in the beginning of the year and now they are speaking at length on this issue. Now it’s a household name and a career option for many. Circumventing the process is a smart way of doing things and there are demands to legalise it.

The dream run of liberalization ended and now we are looking for ways to get rid of unruly weed of corruption that developed in the process. Commonwealth corruption stories damaged our name considerably if not beyond repair in the international arena. No body gave it a thought why media was crooning so much and for so long in favour of the corporate India or as they say ‘India Inc.’

After a lot of contemplation, I blame our fraternity for a lot of things. The watchdog of society became lazy and failed to see stories beyond the corporate feeds. The 24×7 news hungry media failed to recognize when it ceased to remain objective and indepedent and became mouthpiece of vested interests. 2010 was a wonderful year since all this grime came to the surface and the process of deep cleansing started.

Hope to see real journalism in 2011, when people in the position of power will be made accountable. And the media will come back to its real job: minding the business of lowest denominator – the voice and powerless people.

Wish you all a happy new year.